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How Much Does a Standing Desk Cost?

15th February 2016

So you are looking at buying a standing desk. It’s true to say there is great range of sit-stand desks on the market and the costs do vary with that selection, depending on what you are after.

We all come in different shapes, sizes and heights. Not to mention, our needs and other factors such as how much equipment will be on the desk are going to have an impact on which sit-stand desk you choose.

Luckily for us, manufacturers are ahead of us and have been busy designing away. The result is a plethora of choice on the market! You can get a simple desk-top converter from about £120 to £450. That’s an add-on to your existing desk. Then one up the ladder is the very basic sit-stand desk going from about £180. This no-frills option has one drawback. Adjusting the desk takes means manually cranking it up or down, leaving you with it set at one height. Not great for sharing or easily shifting from standing to sitting when your feet have had enough.

The obvious solution then shifts to an electric sit-stand desk, especially if you choose to switch between sitting and standing for transient periods during your work day. With a press of a button you can program your sit-stand desk to smoothly adjust to the required height. Prices of electronic sit-stand desks start at £450.

Electronic sit-stand desks vary considerably with regards to their features, build, design and engineering. And this is reflected in their prices, ranging anywhere from £450 to £2000. It is a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to functionality. From about £600 upwards, you can have a sit-stand desk with memory included. This is handy for sharing amongst multiple users as the various heights and preference pre-sets can be saved for future easy handling. (You should note that the initial outlay might be high, but divide that by more than one user and your cost per person suddenly looks a lot better). It should be noted that more than one pre-sets means you can also wear different height shoes from one day to the next!

But that is your capital outlay, money out of your pocket. How do you truly value your decision to buy a sit-stand desk?

Think about if you are tied to your desk for long periods and the impact that can have on your health, in the long term. It is a well-established fact that prolonged office inactivity could lead to metabolic syndrome and a host of other muscular related problems. So the long term benefits of standing while you work shouldn’t be cast aside in view of a price tag. There is a lot to choose from out there. Choose wisely.

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